About Jim Lewis


  • B.A. Computer Science from NYU
  • Interested in AGI since 1970
  • CEO of Micro Logic comprising:
  • Directing multiple large software projects that have won numerous media awards and industry acclaim
  • ~6 KYU Go player
  • Favorite programming languages: Python, F#, Boo
  • Hobbies: quadcopters, electric vehicles, R/C sailplanes, Go
  • Location: Wyckoff, NJ
  • Favorite movie: 2001
  • Favorite books: The Singularity Is Near, A New Kind of Science

If I did not give appropriate credit where credit is due or unknowingly restated a prior result (a likely possibility considering limited time to research existing literature, a vast amount of literature available and a non-photographic memory) please email me.

I labeled this site a “notebook” in that writings are: generally shorter than conventional scientific papers; frequently updated; not delayed by the slow conventional journal publication process; and are less formal.